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18-21 october 2001
 make-world festival  munich germany
border=Ø location=YES
   make-world event
"make world" is a unix command used to completely update an operating system. It's designed to follow the latest developments once local sources are synchronized. Typing "make world" in the command line initiates a rebuilding and renewal of the whole system while it's running.  
What's new? Even in times when everyone is shocked by the news, something new refers not to the unknown or the never seen before, but to the omnipresence of permanent change. What was beyond imagination only recently may, in the next moment, come as no surprise.  
The first make world festival will take place, in Munich, from October 18th to the 21st. Against the backdrop of one of the fastest growing High Tech and New Media clusters in the world, scientists, theorists, artists and activists are invited to participate in presentations, constructive conversations, reflection and debates.
It's the first of it's kind. A project dealing with subjects such as migration, immaterial labor, tactical media and art in networking environments. It's an opportunity to link different approaches while keeping and challenging their diversity, contextuality and self reference.  
Under the title BORDER="Ø" LOCATION="YES" the event aims to track new forms of subjectivity carried out by current modifications of the world that, until recently, were characterized as "infotization", "digitization" and "globalization". The more these buzzwords lose their glamour, the more important it becomes to discuss the role borders play, and question what restricted and unrestricted locality, mobility and freedom of movement may mean.  
Global processes are running out of time and space. Facing the end of the end, everything - what might happen or has to be done - starts from scratch. And this new beginning embraces much more than ever before. It's time to scroll: to look ahead and behind, to step to the side, to think ahead.  
Make world means sharing experiences, mirroring skills, and exchanging knowledge. Leaving commonplace and trivial definitions behind, expertism turns into ubiquitous networking, liberating infinite potentials and virtualities. It draws a new horizon, where everyone is an expert.  
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make-world festival

concept by:
Florian Schneider and Olia Lialina

with support of:
Thomas Atzert (Frankfurt), Shu-Lea Cheang (New York), Dragan Espenschied (Nordheim), Oliver Frommel (Munich), Graham Harwood (Amsterdam), Fran Illich (Mexico City), Manse Jacobi (Beirut), Geert Lovink (Sydney), Alain Kessi (Sofia), Armin Medosh (London), Anton Monti (Helsinki), Marko Peljhan (Ljubljana), Klaus Schoenberger (Tuebingen), Pit Schultz (Berlin), Felix Stalder (Toronto).

Mike Konstantinov, Olia Lialina

Life from the ØYES computer neighborhood...
produced by:
Muffathalle Betriebs GMBH,
Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt Muenchen

Muffathalle   will be the center for the conference, concerts, workshops and other events.  

Munichs' famous concert space
Zellstr. 4, M¸nchen, Tram 18, S-Bahn [Haltestelle Rosenheimerplatz]

lothringer13   will provide their roof-top patio for the exhibition and special events

lothringer13 is the exhibition, action and archive rooms of the hall, the LADEN and the spiegel. The building is a former engine grindery rented by the capital of Munich in 1980.
S-Bahn (high-speed railway) "Rosenheimerplatz", bus 51, tram Limited number of parking spots
M E T A B O L I C S    Since December 2000 METABOLICS has presented innovative projects and debates in, culture and politics on a monthly basis at the Muffathalle in Munich. All events are streamed live and stored in an on-line database.  
LOCATION="YES"   Since 1999 Art.Teleportacia has collected links to artworks and online projects which are not complete if they exist only in "inwindow" and lose their meaning if location="No".  
BORDER="Ø"   is the title for a project which tries to keep track of new forms of subjectivity carried out by current and ongoing modifications of the reality summarized under the buzzwords "informatization" and "globalization". And in the return: Which role will borders play in the cultural, political and social dimensions of the so called information society?  
some texts, notes and press coverage make-world/journal.html .
ØYES paper   became very popular among conference visitors and can be downloaded as pdf now.

artists checking their interviews some hours before make-world opening
19 october - 25 november
13p.m. - 19p.m., lothringer13 (closed monday)

Herbert W. Franke (DE)
Expert in Computer Art, Cybernetic Aesthetics, Visualisation of Science, Futurologie, Speleology, Paleochronology

Entropy8Zuper! (US, BE)
Experts in the longest route from point A to point B
Jennifer Reeder (USA)
Expert in White Trash
Marko Peljhan (SL)
Expert in Communication Technology and Earth/Space Environment applications
Experts in Intentional Computing

Auriea Harvey and Michal Samyn: Information Technology is not the Future. We are.

Jennifer Reeder
I was 18. My sculpture professor told me that I would never be a sculptor. I took a time-based art making class with Linda Montano. She gave me a video camera.
   events & streams

20:00  Opening watch
Welcome by Lydia Andrea Hartl

Saskia Sassen (Chicago), Ghassan Hage (Sydney)

Saskia Sassen
Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. Her most recent books are Guests and Aliens, 1999 and the edited volume Global Networks/Linked Cities, 2001

22:00  Performance
Noborder/nonation caravane
23:00  Party

12.00  Vernissage
Everyone is an Expert
Informational self-defense watch
[Florian Schneider]
Sam de Silva, Eveline Lubbers, afrika-gruppe, Marko Peljhan
Living wage and waging life watch
[Soenke Zehle]
Kimi Lee, MEK Software, Trabajo Zero, Paolo Punx
Muffathalle (Cafe)
Free Floating watch
Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky
Mobility, Freedom of movement, Access for all watch
[Angela Mitropoulos]
Partha Pratim Sarker, Osaren Iginoba, Fran Ilich
Muffathalle (Cafe)
17.30  Lecture watch
Roman Leibov (Tartu). Are You Net?

Roman Leibov
Father of Runet. Teaches at Tartu University. PhD in Russian Literature
19.00  Vernissage
The Artist as an Expert
Representations of labor watch
[Shuddhabrata Sengupta]
Franco Berardi, Prabhu Prasad Mohapatra, Myoung Joon Kim
Muffathalle (Cafe)
22:00  Performance watch
Guillermo Gomez-Pena. The museum of fetishized identity

Flexible Citizenship watch
[Anton Monti]
Yan Moulier Boutang, Jussi Vahamaki
Common, Community, Allmende watch
[Thorsten Schilling]
Reinhold Grether, Volker Grassmuck, Shuddhabrata Sengupta
Muffathalle (Cafe)
Low Tech, low-paid, no rights watch
[Birgit Beese]
Valery Rey Alzaga, Beshid Najafi, Aida Dunlea and Lina Dimaculangan
Semi(o)resistance watch
[Joanne Richardson]
Wu-ming, Tom Mulcaire, Harwood, Zoran Pantelic
Muffathalle (Cafe)
Immaterial labor watch
[Thomas Atzert]
Maurizio Lazzarato, Paolo Punx, Antonio Conti, Markus Termonen
Muffathalle (Cafe)
Firewalls watch
[Armin Medosch]
Erich Moechel, Christine Schulzki-Haddouti, Janko RÆttgers
Time, space, action watch
[Florian Schneider]
Geert Lovink, RTmark, Matt Fuller, Aris Papatheodrou
Muffathalle (Cafe)
20.30  Lecture watch
Kodwo Eshun (London).

Kodwo Eshun
DJ, music critic, author of More Brilliant than the Sun, 1999)

21.30 - 02.00  Music watch
roXØr. Low Tech Musik for High Tech People
23.00  Music
Daddy G (Massive Attack) & Queen B, DJ SWIFT REHA (Bülent Kullukcu)

11.00 - 18.00  Virtualienmarkt
11.00  Lecture watch
Lev Manovich (San Diego).

Lev Manovich
Artist, theorist and critic of new media. Author of The Language of New Media, 2001.

Roaming producers watch
[Geert Loving]
Sebastian Luetgert, Dimitrina, Dorian Moore, Ludovic Prier
Muffathalle (Cafe)
Beyond the web watch
[Olia Lialina]
Pit Schultz, Niko Waesche, Konrad Becker
Non-Conformism watch
Diedrich Diederichsen
Muffathalle (Cafe)
16.00  Closing Debate watch
Videoconference with Antonio Negri(Rome).

Antonio Negri
Writer, researcher, former Professor of Political Science at the University of Padova, an inmate at Rebibbia Prison, Rome.

The Munich Volksbad Declaration  
We met at the make world festival BORDER="0" LOCATION="YES" in Munich, October 18-21. The participants came from different parts of the world, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Korea, South Africa, the United States, Mexico, and all the countries of Europe from Finland to Italy, from Spain to Estonia. We are involved in media activism, migrants' struggles, global mobilization movements, new forms of social protest, net art, and artistic experiments of all sorts.  
Over the last few years we have seen many changes: Managers, migrants and social movements are on the move. Borders have shifted, unfolded, and moved from the outside to the inside. New technologies have been democratized; in return, they democratize society from beneath.  
Although the neoliberal ideology has promised peace, wealth, and security, peace has never been worldwide, well-being has never been for everybody, security has always been a trompe l'oeil. From Seattle to Genoa, creative protest and activism against the neoliberal edifice spread in many different ways, and gained support at many levels of society and from a broad political and social spectrum.  
After September 11 we were constantly told that the world will never be the same.  
We have fought against the neoliberal lies for so many years that we will not shed tears over one of the most arrogant and surrogated system humankind has endured. But nothing has really changed, instead we are facing a serious danger. The movement of movements is threatened by a return to marginal "moral protest" in the face of an immense challenge by terror. The openness of the movements is endangered by the emptiness of a panic response.  
Terror should not govern the social mind. Paranoia should not be internalized. We need more freedom, not less. The religious fanatics have declared a holy war against humanity, because they fear freedom and friendship, and sex and love. The economic fanatics have declared their own holy war and react with the same weapons: bombing and terror -- because they feel the smell of economic recession and fear the end of capitalist dictatorship. The religious fanatics and the economic fanatics are joining their efforts to make the world a hellish place where everybody is the enemy of everybody, a place where terror regulates all social relationships.  
Power can no more control the complexity of the networked society, so the holders of power are panicking. We should not panic with them. The networked society is our creation and our environment. In our environment we do not need control, we do not need security. We need freedom and friendship.  
The fanatics want to make war? Let them do that, and let them destroy each other! But please, don't ask human beings to enter this picture. They want us to fight their holy war; we will not. We shall transform the global war of fanaticism into a global secession of intelligence, creativity, and love. We shall not accept the regulations of war, and shall organize the free circulation of innovation, ideas, and persons. We shall develop a networked society without borders.  
We are not in favor of war, we are not against war. More than ever, we have to organize the struggles outside war, outside the organized panic. These times are about more communication, more blended, hybrid culture, more cities. We do not need a war economy but rather a net economy.  
We call on people to gather, link up, connect. We call for social forums, self-organization outside the craziness of extreme capitalism and fundamentalist clones. We need more autonomy, more democracy, all over the world. We need neither borders nor conscripted mobilization; we need the open frontier of a common project.  
Parallel to the militarisation of the global psyche, a great battle is unfolding around the issues of intellectual property rights, patents, labor and bio-rights, the genome as well as carbon emission in the atmosphere. It's a battle for open sources, free software and exchange, privacy and cryptography, for peer-to-peer networks. It's a battle for equal rights, flexible citizenships, living wage, documents and guaranteed income for all. Immaterial rights are meaningless without material rights and vice versa. The battle for access for all has to be extended to both: freedom of movement and freedom of information.  
These are the new frontiers of our liberties, this is the hope to transform the entire world, and this is what's to be done. Make world, not war!  
[Franco Berardi Bifo (Bologne), Yann Moulier Boutang (Paris), Florian Schneider (Munich), Geert Lovink (Sydney), autonome a.f.r.i.k.a. gruppe, trabajoZero (Madrid), code flow (Sofia), Valery Rey Alzaga (Denver), Kimi Lee (Los Angeles).

signed by: Roberto Bui (Bologna), Aris Papatheodorou (Paris), Saskia Sassen (Chicago), Helmut Weiss (Dortmund), Giuseppe Cocco (Rio de Janeiro), François Matheron (Paris), Gianfranco Morosato (Verona), Sandro Mezzadra (Genoa), Eric Alliez (Vienna), Sandro Chignola (Verona), Jon Solomon (Taiwan), Emmanuel Videcoq (Paris), Franco Barchiesi(Johannesburg), Alisa del Ré (Padoa), Yoshihiko Ichida (Osaka), Pascal Houba (Brussels), Jùlio Béjar (Vigo), Brian Holmes (London), Daniel G Andùjar (Valencia), Juan Pedro García del Campo (Madrid), Abdul-karim Mustapha (Duke, USA), César Altamira (Buenos-Aires), Laurent Berthelot (Nantes), Richard Barbrook (London), Christian Brutsch (Zurich), Mikhaël Elbaz (Montreal), Charles Wolfe (Boston)] Lucia Lucchesi, Gianni Cascone (Italy), Simona Bentivogli (Italy), Franco Cascone (Italy), Annarosa Apirani (Italy), Andrea Fumagalli (Pavia), Andrea Cusatelli, Emanuele Pistola (Cyberzone).  
21 october
11p.m. - 16p.m., Muffathalle

On Sunday morning 20 market stands presented online initiatives and their initiators.
C-Front Novi Sad  
Transnational Republic  
Redesign Deutschland  
MEK Software  
Noborder Camps  
Digital Grosny  
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